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E-Cert Solution

To avoid insufficient fund checks and facilitate the management of your treasury, CIH BANK offers you the e-Cert digital check certification platform.

This online service for certifying CIH BANK checks is accessible via the web and mobile application, allowing you to secure check availability in real time.

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Its Advantages:

  • Instant verification of checks before deposit.
  • Securing commercial transactions.
  • Elimination of fees related to managing bounced checks.

CIH BANK's "E-cert" against bounced checks

How does it work?

  • You receive a payment by CIH BANK check and want to ensure the solvency of your clients upon check receipt. Follow these steps:
  • Digitize the CIH BANK check using the "E-cert" solution.
  • Submit the certification request online to CIH BANK.
  • You will instantly receive a notification regarding the status of your request. If your client has sufficient funds, you will receive an approval notification, and the check amount will be blocked. Otherwise, you will receive a refusal notification.

The application is available for download on App Store, Google Play, and the website.

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