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CIH FX TRADING is an electronic platform for quotation and trading that provides real-time access to the foreign exchange market, allowing you to conduct your commercial transactions in currencies.

It allows you to benefit from various foreign exchange products, including spot exchange and forward exchange, and enables you to trade your currency transactions online.

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Its Advantages:

The platform allows you to perform the following foreign exchange and currency risk hedging operations :

  • Spot Exchange: Spot exchange is an operation that involves "immediately" exchanging one currency for another. It allows you to buy or sell a currency at a defined rate based on market conditions.
  • Forward Exchange: Forward exchange is an operation that allows you to guarantee an exchange rate on a predetermined future date. The client has the option to settle the operation in advance or extend it through a currency swap.

Subscription to the CIH FX TRADING platform is free.

fx trading

Integrated Services :

  • Real-time access to trading on the Moroccan foreign exchange market.
  • Real-time execution of spot or forward currency transactions.
  • Instant sending of confirmations.
  • Consultation of the transaction history on the platform with the ability to filter and export to Excel.
  • Regeneration of confirmations.
  • Chat service to communicate with an advisor.

For more information, contact your CIH Bank account manager.

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