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How does it work ?


The multilingual electronic platform Intelaw is available in web and mobile versions to facilitate access to legal and regulatory information for businesses and professionals. It provides a rich and diverse informational database covering various strategic areas, including legal, tax, accounting, financial, and customs, among others. It allows you to perform keyword searches and obtain reliable and well-argued answers based on legal texts to the questions and issues you encounter in your daily business activities.
For topics not covered on the platform, a direct messaging service is available to ask questions to a team of experts.

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Its Advantages:

  • Access to the largest database of Moroccan legal doctrine and jurisprudence in Morocco.
  • Keyword search engine, allowing simple or cross-referenced searches across all databases on the platform.
  • Ability to personalize the platform based on the user's interests by creating personalized folders and favorites.

Real-time access to legal and regulatory information for businesses and professionals

intelaw 2

How does it work?

  • Extensive documentary database based on official sources and organized by domain: Labor Code, Commercial Code, Family Code, Penal Code, Insurance Code, Jurisprudence, International Law, Taxation, Accounting, Customs, Banking and Finance, Real Estate, Exchange Regulations, etc.
  • Several consolidated, annotated, and updated codes.
  • Regulatory and tax calendar with over 50 regulatory dates.
  • Pre-established standard contracts, classified by domain and ready to be used.
  • Occasional legal monitoring.
  • Complete legal and regulatory database of the Official Bulletin accessible through a search engine.
  • Multidisciplinary simulators (real estate, social, banking, tax, etc.).
  • A database of frequently asked legal questions with motivated answers supported by applicable legal basis.
  • A legal chatbot, the first in Morocco.


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