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Raha Pro Package

The Raha Pro package allows you to benefit from a wide range of unlimited banking services at a single rate without additional fees.

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Raha Pro, the winning deal for professionals.

Its Benefits:

For the management of your professional activity:

  • A current account exempt from account maintenance fees.
  • A convertible dirham account dedicated to your business travel allowance.
  • A high-end international Visa Premier or Platinum card, with a range of benefits to discover at:
  • Access to the innovative web and mobile remote banking platform, CIH ONLINE PRO.
  • Unlimited check and LCN deposits.
  • Unlimited payments (water, electricity, and telecom bills).
  • Unlimited transfers via CIH ONLINE PRO and CIH Mobile.
  • 2 CNSS transfers.
  • SMS alerts for each banking operation carried out.

For the management of your personal activity:

  • A checking account exempt from account maintenance fees.
  • An international and Contactless Go card, allowing you to benefit from discounts on purchases made at CIH BANK's partner establishments, which can be found at:
  • Access to the CIH ONLINE and CIH MOBILE web and mobile platforms.
All of this is free of charge!

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