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Code Maalem

As part of its participation in the deployment of the national financial inclusion strategy and its partnership with Maison de l'Artisan, which aims to bank the population of artisans and generalize their membership in the Compulsory Health Insurance (AMO), CIH BANK has created the "Code Maalem" offer.

Cih Bank

Code Maalem: the essential banking solution for artisans!

Its Benefits:

For the management of your professional activity:

  • A current account exempt from account maintenance fees.
  • A convertible dirham account dedicated to your business travel allowance.
  • An international Visa Premier card.
  • Access to the innovative web and mobile platform, CIH ONLINE PRO.
  • One free CNSS direct debit or transfer per month.
  • Exemption from fees for rejecting a CNSS direct debit per month.

For the management of your personal activity:

  • A checking account exempt from account maintenance fees.
  • An international and Contactless card, GO, allowing you to benefit from discounts on purchases made at CIH BANK's partner establishments, which can be found at:
  • Access to the CIH ONLINE web platform and the CIH MOBILE application.
All of this is free of charge!

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