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Club Sayidati Pro

Club Sayidati Pro is a lifelong free offer of banking products and services, including a professional current account with dematerialized mail and an international Sayidati Pro Multiservices withdrawal and payment card, as well as many other advantages.

Club Sayidati Pro, the ultimate "women" offer for managing your professional account.

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Its Benefits:

  • Lifelong exemption from the annual membership fee for the Club Sayidati Pro card.
  • Lifelong exemption from current account maintenance fees.
  • Lifelong exemption from check deposits in branches, with unlimited transactions.
  • Elimination of value dates for all banking operations.
  • Check certification at all bank branches.
  • Dematerialized mail.
  • Advantageous financing solutions: Avance Pro, Tajhiz Pro, Istiqrar Pro, Fonds de commerce Pro.

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