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How does it work ?


Through CIH ONLINE, you can carry out your banking operations without leaving your place. Accessible 24/7 in a secure manner, this simple and fast remote banking service from CIH BANK provides you with access to numerous online banking products and services.

Cih Bank
Cih Bank

Its Advantages:

  • Free choice of your CIH ONLINE access code.
  • Change your password at any time and securely with the validation code sent via SMS.
  • Transfer operations and recharge your Binatna cards and those of your loved ones.
  • Management of beneficiaries for your transfers and recharges of Binatna cards.
  • Card blocking, deactivation, and activation operations.
  • Mobile top-ups.
  • Online requests for student transfers or currency orders (MAD).
  • Download your bank statements.
  • Activation or deactivation of the allowance for your multi-service cards.
  • Online bill payments.
  • Payment of your vehicle registration fee.
  • With the "CIH EXPRESS" service, send money to your loved ones anywhere in Morocco in minutes and securely.

Manage your bank accounts anytime, anywhere with CIH ONLINE.

How does it work?

For more details on the registration process, we invite you to consult the CIH ONLINE User Guide or watch our activation tutorial.

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