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CODE 60 Offer

Because retirement is just a step towards a new beginning, CIH BANK accompanies you to make it a pleasant and serene moment by providing you, through the Code 60 offer, with essential free banking services.
The Code 60 offer is specially designed for retirees and individuals aged 60 or older.

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Cih Bank

Its advantages :

  • Ability to check your account and perform day-to-day banking operations in real-time and anywhere in the world through your CIH ONLINE account.
  • Withdraw cash, make POS payments, and make e-commerce payments using a single card [Code 60].
  • Possibility to benefit from discounts on card payments made at CIH BANK's partner network, which can be viewed at

A bundle of advantages to start your new life with peace of mind

Cih Bank

Services Offered :

The Code 60 offer includes several beneficial banking services :

  • A current account exempt from Account Maintenance Fees.
  • An international Multiservice card with contactless feature, allowing you to withdraw cash and make payments.
  • 24/7 access to your bank account through the CIH ONLINE and CIH MOBILE platforms, enabling you to perform remote banking operations.

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