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How does it work ?

CODE 18 Offer

To help you better manage your budget, CIH BANK offers you the first free banking offer reserved for individuals under 18 years old, CODE 18.
With this offer, benefit from a free opening of a savings account and a debit card that you can use at all CIH BANK ATMs.

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How to subscribe ?

  • You can subscribe to the Code 18 offer by visiting the nearest CIH BANK branch. The account opening request can be made directly with the customer advisor, who will guide you through the process to enjoy all the benefits of the Code 18 card.
  • With the free "CODE 18" offer, CIH BANK offers you :
  • A balance limited to 400,000 MAD and a daily withdrawal limit of 500 MAD*.
  • The possibility for the legal guardian to check the account and perform transactions through the CIH ONLINE platform, as long as the minor has not reached the age of 18.
  • (*): The withdrawal limit amount can be lowered upon request from the legal guardian.
Cih Bank

Its advantages ?

  • No management fees.
  • Free and customizable debit card, by choosing one of the many designs offered by CIH BANK.
  • Balance and transaction consultation on CIH ONLINE and CIH MOBILE.
  • Balance inquiry and mini-statements printing at all CIH BANK ATMs.

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