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How does it work ?


Thanks to the CIH MOBILE application, you can now access your bank accounts anywhere and anytime.
From your smartphone or tablet, CIH MOBILE provides you with simple and fast access to your main banking information and operations.

Cih Bank
Cih Bank

Its advantages:

  • Consultation of the latest transactions in real time.
  • Activation, deactivation, or blocking of your bank cards.
  • Perform transfers.
  • Reload your Binatna cards and those of your loved ones.
  • Telecom top-ups.
  • Contact your advisor.
  • Download your bank documents.
  • Activate or deactivate the allocation on your multi-service cards.
  • Activate your CIH MOBILE account.
  • Online requests for student transfers in foreign currency or MAD.
  • Pay bills.
  • Pay vehicle registration fees.
  • View the accounts of your relationship circle.

Fast service, accessible throughout Morocco, and secure. CIH MOBILE: your account in your pocket.

Cih Bank

How does it work?

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