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An account for your everyday transactions

This demand deposit account allows you to carry out your regular banking transactions: deposits, withdrawals, transfers, check payments, collections, loan repayments, automatic debits, repatriation of savings to Morocco, and more.

CIH BANK offers you the possibility to open your account remotely and online !

Its advantages:

Tax exemption on your savings and investment operations

Bank Cards

With the MDM checking account, choose the card that best suits your needs:

With the convertible dirham account, have access to your money wherever you are

CIH BANK offers you the possibility to open your account remotely and benefit from a free subscription to the CIH ONLINE home banking service. Simply follow the instructions:

Download and print the distance account opening request form for MDM.
Arabic Version
French Version

Carefully complete the form, specifying:
- Your personal details
- The type of account you wish to open by ticking the corresponding box
- The CIH BANK branch where the account will be domiciled (see the list of our branches)
- Your wish to benefit, or not, from the CIH Online subscription.

Download the general conditions for CIH Online

Download, print, and complete the account agreement. Download the account agreement

Sign and have your signature legalized at the nearest Consulate of Morocco (*) and attach photocopies of your Moroccan National Identity Card or passport and your Residence Card or ID duly certified by the same consulate.

(*) For MDM residing in France or Spain, legalization and certification can also be done through the administrative authorities of the country of residence abroad.

Send the complete dossier (filled, signed, and legalized form - certified copy of ID or passport, certified copy of residence permit) by registered mail to the following address:
Banque des Particuliers et Professionnels
187, Avenue Hassan II, 20019 Casablanca - Morocco

If your dossier is complete, your account will be opened at the branch of your choice, and a confirmation letter containing your bank account statement (RIB) will be sent to the address you provided on the account opening form, which you must acknowledge receipt of.

If your dossier is incomplete, we will send you a letter or email specifying the missing documents or information. Thank you for your trust, and we remain at your disposal for any additional information you may find useful.
Contact : Customer Relations Department
Phone : 00 212 (0) 5 22 47 92 14
Email :

Its advantages:

  • Transfers abroad in any currency.
  • Attractive remuneration from the first deposited dirham.

Bank Cards

With the convertible dirham account, benefit from an international SAPHYR withdrawal and payment card, including free assistance in case of loss or theft of the card.

Your account with the currency of your choice

Designed for individuals or entities of Moroccan nationality, whether resident or non-resident in Morocco, or foreign nationals, whether residents or not in Morocco, the main advantage of the foreign currency account is to protect you against any exchange rate risk.

Its advantages:

  • Receive or make transfers abroad
  • Protect yourself against exchange rate risk by holding funds in the currency of your choice

Bank Cards

  • Saphyr Card
  • Saphyr Currency Card
  • World Elite Card

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Want to buy a home?
A vehicle? Or travel?

Select the interest rate, amount, and loan duration that suits you and perform
the simulation of your loan, in just a few clicks.

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