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Duo Offer

The DUO offer is a solution that meets your needs, offering various advantages such as the DUO Multicurrency Card and attractive remuneration for the convertible dirham account.

Subscription to the DUO offer can be done for free online on this page by clicking the dedicated button or by downloading our CIH MOBILE application. You can choose between a physical cardor a virtual card at any time.

Cih Bank

DUO Pack: Banking services adapted to the needs of Moroccans around the world

Cih Bank

Its advantages:

  • An ordinary account in dirhams for operations in Morocco;
  • A convertible dirham account for operations abroad;
  • A DUO Card, which is an international multi-account card available in physical or virtual version, allowing withdrawals, POS and e-commerce payments;
  • Access to over 700 VIP lounges in numerous airports through the Priority Pass program;
  • Ability to carry out transactions remotely from abroad via CIH MOBILE.

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