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Are you a Moroccan residing abroad and do you want to open and manage your accounts and banking operations remotely from anywhere?

With the CODE 212 offer from CIH BANK, it's now possible. The CODE 212 offer offers you a range of products and services that meet your daily needs.

With the CODE 212 offer, you can open your account 100% online, choose the offer that best suits your needs, and benefit from free account maintenance fees and a lifelong free bank card.

Aggregation of foreign accounts:

This is an innovative and secure service that allows you to have a centralized view of all your bank accounts on your CIH Mobile account, whether they are held with CIH BANK or various European banks.

With this service, you can:

  • Add one or more European accounts to your CIH MOBILE account;
  • View your balance in real-time and the transaction history of your various aggregated accounts;
  • Make transfers from your European account to your CIH BANK account.

The FREE bank for our Moroccans Around the World

Transfer Code 212 from abroad to Morocco

Through your CIH MOBILE account, you can now transfer money from your aggregated account domiciled in Europe to your CIH BANK account domiciled in Morocco.

Your transfer will be received quickly and without hidden fees.

For more information on offers for "Moroccans Around the World," contact our CRC +212 5 20 912 212

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